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Renewed Hope in Onslow County

Volunteers from LRB Group work on Mr. Russell's new landing.

Mr. Russell has lived in his home for 15 years and has no mortgage. He’s disabled due to a work-related injury and has difficulty walking and bending. Due to this, he’s had several falls from his own steps. One of those falls cracked his nose. Inside his home one bathroom has been unusable due to the floor rotting out.

His only source of income is a small monthly disability check and while he was able to save a little bit of money to pay for some materials, he could not afford the labor of a contractor. Thanks to volunteers from LRB Group, WARM was able to help. The rotting bathroom floor was torn out and replaced with brand new flooring. His entire bathroom was retrofitted to make it functional again. A brand new landing with handrails will help prevent future falls.

Mr. Russell came to WARM after seeing an ad on a billboard. He said he was grateful he had found us and now that the repairs are done he has less worry and less stress. Although he didn’t have the money to complete the extensive repairs himself, Mr. Russell is proud of the fact that he was able to contribute to pay for some materials.

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