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You can make a real difference by giving hope to low-income homeowners in our community.

You enable neighbors to continue living safely in their homes, preserving their dignity and independence. 

Each gift, no matter the level, sustains our mission and rebuilds our community one family at a time.

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"It's hard to figure out how to relay what I feel for the WARM labor of love towards myself and others that have been impacted by the recent storms in just a few words. I am so grateful to God, not only for your help, but for the love you showed."

-WARM Homeowner Mrs. Rhonda

Gifts of Stock

If you contribute appreciated securities to WARM, you receive a two-fold income tax benefit: a charitable deduction for the present fair market value and no capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Please contact Cindy Brown via email or call 910-399-7563, ext 117 for information needed to transfer stock to the WARM account.