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Donate to WARM NC

You can make a real difference by giving hope to low-income homeowners in our community.


Your donation enables neighbors to continue living safely in their homes, preserving their dignity and independence. Each gift, no matter the level, sustains our mission and rebuilds our community one family at a time.


Checks can be made payable WARM NC and mailed to:

909 Market Street

Wilmington, NC  28401

Other Giving Opportunities

Gift of Stock

Many of our donors are switching to stock donations to save on two types of taxes as they make an immediate impact for accessible housing in our community.


Click here to learn more about potential financial benefits of donating stock and make your gift today: Gifts of Stock

Host a Fundraiser

We love when the community gets involved in raising funds and spreading awareness for WARM.


There are numerous creative ways to host an event such as restaurant share nights, charity tournaments, or percentage of sale events to name a few. LEARN MORE.

Give from your IRA

If you are over 70.5, giving from your IRA helps you reduce your taxable income — and for those subject to a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), an IRA gift is a simple way to fulfill it while supporting home repairs and rebuilds for low-income homeowners.


Click here to learn more about potential savings and start your gift: Give from your IRA

Matching Gifts

Double your gift! Many companies will match employee contributions to charitable organizations.


Check with your Human Resources department to find out.

Legacy Gifts

Plant the seed for a lasting impact on the community with a legacy gift.


Charitable Bequest: Leave a cash amount, asset, or percentage of your overall estate to WARM in your will: Legacy Gifts

Life Insurance: Make WARM the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds can be a convenient and smart way to give a one-time or recurring gift. If you do, please help us out by letting us know to look for it--very often there is little to no information about the donor included with the gift.


Please contact Cathy McClain at or call 910.399.7563. 

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