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Apply for Services

WARM NC is not accepting applications for Columbus, Duplin, or Onslow counties at this time. We anticipate reopening application intake in the future. Check this page for updates. 

IMPORTANT: Please call the WARM office at 910.399.7563 for an initial screening to see if you qualify.

WARM has 4 basic requirements applicants must meet to qualify for free home repair:


  1. Applicant must own and occupy the home in need of repairs for at least 3 years.

  2. The home must be located in Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Duplin, New Hanover, Pender, or Onslow county. 

  3. Total household income must meet WARM guidelines, based on county of residence, number of residents living in-home, and other criteria. 

  4. WARM's work is designed to keep you in your home longer by completing safety-related repairs, accessibility upgrades, roofing and weatherization, and disaster recovery rebuilds. Additions, beautification, and general maintenance requests will be denied.

Please note that meeting these basic requirements does not guarantee the request will be granted. Our personnel will determine if the rebuild falls within the scope of WARM, Inc.’s mission and capabilities.


Due to limited resources, we cannot help everyone who is eligible.


This is not your application. If you qualify for services a WARM representative will mail you an application to complete.

Your information has been submitted. A WARM representative will be in touch soon.

Volunteers built a wheelchair ramp for a low-income homeowner in need of home repairs.

Warm – that is how I feel about your organization. The name sure does fit! You all made me feel so warm. When I thought the home was too far gone, that’s when they started performing miracles and made my house feel like a home again.

a WARM homeowner

The floor has collapsed in the center of my home. I got an estimate for repairs, and it was over $10,000 which is my annual income. I have no savings, no access to credit, and cannot afford the cost of repairs. These repairs will give me use of my home, my safety, and my independence back. My home is only 864 square feet, but it's the only thing I own.

a WARM homeowner

This program is good for people that have worked all their life, but after retiring or losing a loved one must make so many changes because they don’t have the money they used to have.

A WARM homeowner

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