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At WARM NC, we believe a stable home

provides a strong foundation for all other aspects of life.

Homeownership itself brings a sense of pride and security. A fully functioning, contaminant-free home with proper accessibility improvements protects residents health and safety. By rebuilding homes in disrepair or damaged by severe weather, WARM supports our homeowners' goals to remain self-sufficient and live with dignity and independence.

Our Mission 
Repair, rebuild, and make homes accessible; and to inspire service, generosity, and hope. 

Our Vision
All homeowners are safe in their homes.

WARM volunteers provide accessiblity upgrades such as wheelchair ramps for low-income homeowners.

So many of my concerns have been relieved due to the WARM program and the kindness and generosity they have shown. You have helped provide a safe and reliable home for us!

a WARM Homeowner

My physical and mental health has not been in good shape for a while now and I had given up hope on anything being fixed because I just don't have enough money. Now I am overjoyed and thankful for all you have done. I don't have to live with fear of the unhealthy and dangerous condition of my home. My friends can come over now. I have something to be proud of!

a WARM Homeowner

I prayed and asked God to show me what I can do, especially with the air conditioning broken. For 2 years I was hot, but I did the best I could to stay cool. Now the air feels good and I'm so happy for people like you that take time to help others in the community.

a WARM homeowner

Our History

Founded as Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, WARM NC began in 1996 in response to hurricanes Bertha and Fran. Volunteers from across our region were organized by leaders of the Wilmington District of the United Methodist Church to repair the damaged homes of low-income and elderly residents. As they entered the homes, volunteers noticed that much of the damage predated the storms - they just did not have the resources to make costly repairs. So, while responding to a natural disaster, WARM volunteers discovered a social disaster: substandard housing.

Long after the TV crews and national relief agencies packed up, WARM has continued its mission to improve the living conditions of low-income homeowners, including many elderly and disabled. Since its inception, WARM has helped over 2,000 families in Southeastern North Carolina.

WARM opened the Center for Homeownership Retention in 2023. We will keep going until every homeowner in our service area is able to live safely and independently in the home they worked so hard to pay for.

What We Do

WARM NC mobilizes volunteers and contractors to make urgent, safety and health-related repairs for low-income homeowners in Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Duplin, New Hanover, Onslow, and Pender counties. 

All repairs are made at no cost to the homeowner. WARM focuses on safety and health-related home repairs and accessibility upgrades. WARM does not complete remodeling or beautification projects. 

Typical Repairs

  • Roof Repair​

  • Ceiling and sheetrock repair​

  • Floors/subflooring repair​

  • Heating and air conditioning​

  • Plumbing repairs for kitchen and bathroom​

  • Electrical Repairs​

  • Window/door repair and replacement​

  • Wheelchair ramp construction and repair​

  • Stairs and landing construction​

  • Weatherization​

  • Installation of water heaters and other appliances

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