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One less worry for Jacqueline

Updated: Apr 3

Mold was slowly spreading throughout Jacqueline’s home. The home she raised her five children in. The home she’s lived in since 1974. And the home she’s lived in alone since the death of her husband in 2010. One day she discovered water in her bathroom and realized there was a leak in the roof. She did not have the resources to fix the leak, so she put pans on the floor along with a large trash can to catch the rain coming in during storms. Three years later, she was able to hire a company to put a new roof on the house. But the roof still leaked. She had another company come out and put industrial shingles on the roof. The roof still leaked.

“I had to tear the carpet up in the bathroom because it had gotten so bad,” Jacqueline said. “So it is just plywood in there.”

A nurse saw the leak and recommended Jacqueline contact WARM NC. She saw the word “ministry” and it compelled her to make the call. When she found out WARM would be able to help she felt a sense of relief.

“It is going to make my life so much easier not to worry,” Jacqueline said. “If I am away from home and it starts raining, then when I come home I have a wet floor and the water is coming in through the door.”

Staff and volunteers from WARM repaired the roof properly so Jacqueline would no longer have to come home to wet floors. They also made soffit repairs, replaced some damaged flooring, replaced old and worn boards on her front porch, and tore down and removed a dilapidated shed.

“If you come across anyone within this WARM family, because that’s what they seem like is family,” said Jacqueline. “They stay on top of what they are doing and they do what they say and it is very efficient. I just thank them and I hope the Lord blesses each and every one of them for this.”

The roof had been leaking for many years.

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