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No more holes in the bathtub

Jade just wants a safe and livable home for her and her grandchildren. She lives on less than $900 a month and after paying for utilities, groceries, and other basic needs, there’s not much left over to pay for home maintenance.

A lack of upkeep means her 1973 home is not in the best shape it could be. The windows are very thin and rattle when traffic comes by. In the winter, cold leaks through. The doors are worn. There’s a hole in her bathtub covered with a thin strip of tape. As you can imagine, tape is not a good solution for a hole in a tub. The tub still leaks and the floors have buckled up due to the water damage.

“I’m asking for assistance in getting repairs done in hopes of my house being more livable for me and my grandchildren,” Jade says. “I’m afraid if repairs aren’t made, the house will continue to deteriorate.”

An enthusiastic group of volunteers from the Mortgage Bankers Association of the Lower Cape Fear went to work to make Jade's home safe and livable. Efforts from volunteers like this group mean Jade and other families will not have to worry about buckling floors, leaking windows, and holes in their bathtubs.

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