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My floors scare me

Dawn has not used her oven in over a year. That’s because some parts of her floor are so soft, she’s afraid to step on them, so she can’t access her oven.

“My home is 35 years old and I’m proud how I’ve kept it up. I know it needs help in other places, but I can live with it, but my floor scares me.”

Now in her mid-60’s, Dawn lives alone and suffers from early-onset dementia. She needed multiple repairs to make her home safe again and had even been putting away as much money as she could to save up for the repairs. Thanks to volunteers from the Jacksonville Board of Realtors, Dawn was able to

get those urgent, safety-related repairs done.

The back steps of her home were so severely rotted and weather damaged she had fallen multiple times. Volunteers helped WARM NC staff repair both the front and back steps so she can enter and exit her home safely. WARM also installed safety grab bars in the shower and trimmed overgrown trees that had taken over the yard.

The repairs made so far have greatly improved the safety and comfort of Dawn’s home and because they were done for free, she can now spend her limited income on other basic necessities.

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