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Mr. Atlee Comes Home

Mr. Atlee is in his 70’s and about 17 years ago returned to live in the home he grew up in.

Mr. Atlee’s house tells the story of life without resources for maintenance. The roof had not been maintained and had missing shingles and holes from storm damage. Debris, moss, and water damage caused the roof to rot and sink in some areas. The failing roof alone, allowed the entire house to become unhealthy, unsafe, and substandard.

The front steps were in disrepair, causing a tripping hazard. The floors were damaged from years of wear and tear with no maintenance. His bathroom was difficult to navigate due to his mobility issues. Mold had grown in the ceiling, causing respiratory issues.

Under the supervision of WARM staff, volunteers with the Band of Brothers went to work to make Mr. Atlee’s home the best place to live out his life.

WARM is honored to serve low-income, elderly homeowners, allowing them to age safely in the home they have worked so hard to buy and keep. Only through individual donations, grant funding, and dedicated volunteers like the Band of Brothers, is WARM able to restore hope, dignity, and security for those we serve.

Mr. Atlee says he feels so much better now that the repairs have been completed.

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