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Deja Vu for Mattie

Mattie’s situation felt like déjà vu.

Due to multiple storms, some of the shingles had blown off her roof causing a leak in her den. One organization offered to help and came out to assess the damage, but she never heard from them again. At that point she decided to take out a loan and hire someone to repair her roof. This meant she was now going into debt to make her home safe. She thought that would be the end of it so she replaced the carpet that had become moldy due to the leak. She also replaced her old, damaged furniture.

A few months later the leak was there again. And her new carpet and furniture were ruined. Again.

She saw an ad for WARM NC and filled out an application. WARM staff and contractors made sure her roof was repaired the right way. The roof wasn’t the only thing making her home unsafe. Volunteers installed an ADA compliant toilet, grab bars, and a shower chair. They also replaced her worn out steps and added handrails.

Thanks to the accessibility additions, Mattie can now age-in-place safely in the home she’s lived in for more than 50 years.

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