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Artina felt trapped in her own home

A spinal injury resulting from a car accident left Artina partially paralyzed and she spent most of her days confined to a hospital bed in her living room. She says she felt trapped in her own home. In spite of these setbacks, Artina’s positive outlook and happy attitude shines brightly and she is proud to have purchased her own home after a divorce.


She needed a full-time caregiver but couldn’t afford one so her sister quit her job to step into that role.


There was no way for Artina to safely enter and exit her home but since the sisters live on a fixed income, there was also no way to pay for an accessibility ramp. WARM NC volunteers went to work to change that and had a wheelchair ramp built within a few days.


But a ramp wasn’t the only thing Artina’s home needed for her to be safe and comfortable. The roof was in bad shape and the HVAC system was in disrepair leaving the home extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. There was not a working stove in the home either.


All Artina wanted was to be able to get in and out of her home safely and live comfortably. Now, thanks to volunteers and donors like you, she is finally safe at home. 

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