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A New Start

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Teresa was ready to bid farewell to 2022.

She has lived in the same home for nearly 30 years but 2022 was particularly hard on her. She lost her husband in February, the family dog a few months later, and then in October one of her sisters passed away. Teresa is the legal guardian of her teenage granddaughters and they had been living without a working heating system all winter.

Space heaters in the living room and kitchen were their only source of heat. Because the house also needed repairs to the electrical system, the space heaters put a strain on the circuits and this created a dangerous situation.

But a lack of heat and an outdated fuse box were not the only things wrong with Teresa's home. Hurricane Florence had left lingering damage. Her roof was in need of repair. Exterior and interior walls were damaged. There were plumbing issues. The list went on.

Wilmington Air had contacted WARM because they wanted to give back to the community. Was there anyone on our waiting list that could use their help? Our Director of Construction, Tom, immediately thought of Teresa. If Wilmington Air could donate the HVAC system and installation, WARM would be able to tackle the other issues that made Teresa's home unsafe.

Wilmington Air went to work and had Teresa's new system installed just before the cold snap. Now her granddaughters can heat up hot chocolate in the microwave without worrying about blowing a fuse and Teresa can stop worrying about her home being too cold for her family. They can ALL look forward to a more comfortable home in 2023.

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