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A New Beginning

WARM volunteers tear off the old landing on Dawn's home.

Dawn moved to North Carolina to start her life over after losing her daughter and husband in a car accident. She bought a home, but has struggled to maintain it. Dawn has scoliosis and neuropathy and survives on income from a part-time job.

Her kitchen is not fully functional because her sink leaks. There are also leaks around her windows due to storm damage and the drywall is now buckling. Her front steps are in disrepair and unsafe. Mold growing under her home is also affecting her health to the extent her doctor is urging her to move out.

Dawn came to WARM because she said she doesn't have the resources to make her home functional and safe. When asked how she hopes WARM's services will improve her situation she responded, "I won't worry so much."

WARM believes no homeowner should worry about the safety of their home and volunteers are working now to improve the condition of Dawn's home.

Thanks to you, Dawn is one more homeowner that will no longer "worry so much."

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