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A healthier home for Alethia

At 93, Alethia is the last living sibling out of eight and she expects to live many more years! Her mom lived to the age of 102 and all her siblings lived well into their 90’s. But the retired factory seamstress is concerned her living environment may affect her ability to enjoy a longer life.

“The house was built in 1964. It is cinderblock with a shingled roof,” she says. “The roof and eaves are rotten, leaking, and in desperate need of replacement.

A 93-year-old on a fixed income can’t afford these repairs. Alethia spends a lot of money simply heating her home with a single stand-alone kerosene heater in the den. The fumes affect her breathing.

She heard about WARM NC from a friend and her niece helped her fill out an application. The roof and heat were top priorities as volunteers went to work to ensure Alethia would be able to live out her years in a safe home.

We’re inspired each day by the volunteers and donors that make this work possible. Your contributions are changing lives in this community. What you do, IS making a difference!

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