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A hand up

Steve grew up in Wilmington and when his mother passed away in 1983, he inherited her mobile home and has lived there ever since. Now 62, his health issues prevent him from working a fulltime job but he works at Cracker Barrel part-time to pay the bills. Between medical bills, groceries, utilities, and gas, there’s not anything left over to cover maintenance on his aging mobile home.


The floors in the bedrooms and bathroom are in rough shape, even caving in in some places. Storm damage caused a leak in the roof, which caused electrical issues so he doesn’t have working lights or outlets in his back bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. He doesn’t have an HVAC system, and relies on a single window unit to cool his home in the summer and a single space heater to warm his home in the winter.


His friend gave him an application to WARM NC. Thanks to volunteers and donors, Steve’s home is now on it’s way to being safe again.


“I appreciate every one of the supporters that have a hand in this. I couldn’t do it myself,” Steve said.

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