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A veteran homeowner receives a new roof after applying for home repair services with nonprofit, WARM NC

6 Pillars of Homeownership Retention

WARM NC and our many partners work together to provide critical services to build generational wealth through homeownership.
Collectively, we build the Six Pillars of Homeownership Retention

1. Preserve existing owner-occupied affordable homes

32% of homeowners in the Cape Fear Region are cost-burdened (spending more the 30% of income on housing). Home repair costs continue to rise while wages remain stagnant. 

WARM repairs and rebuilds these homes, helping to ensure they remain part of our community’s housing stock.

4. Fortify financial knowledge and security

Families living on fixed or low incomes are most at risk of losing their home and least likely to return to homeownership status. A family budget, basic understanding of insurance, and home maintenance plan improve their odds.

WARM streamlines referrals and hosts events for families to get these services.

2. Improve health and safety of residents

Healthy NC 2030 identifies severe housing problems as the 9th of 21 indicators linked to poor health. A health crisis may cost a family their home.

WARM installs grab bars, builds ramps, remediates mold, corrects dangerous electrical problems, and ensures families have basic appliances,

5. Resolve ownership issues

The heirs of a homeowner who died without a will may not be eligible for certain assistance programs or legally able to sell the property.

WARM uncovers these issues during the assessment process and helps families get these services from our partners so families can benefit from their ancestors' wise investment.

3. Control utility bills 

After mortgage payments, utilities are the greatest housing cost. Increases disproportionately impact families of low wealth. Inefficient appliances and spikes in monthly bills disproportionately impact families of low wealth.

WARM repairs water leaks and installs energy efficient upgrades.

6. Advocate for sound housing policy

Even today, systemic barriers threaten families’ ability to hold onto their most significant asset.


WARM keeps homeownership retention in the affordable housing policy conversation and helps to promote proven solutions.

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