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Sinking Floors and Unfinished Projects

Jerry, a 71-year-old Navy veteran, shares his home with his 51-year-old niece. She is an Army veteran who suffers from disabling PTSD. They live in a tidy brick ranch-style house in Pender County and do their best to maintain it despite physical disabilities and limited income.

“My floors are buckling, squeaking, and sinking several inches down on the left side of the house. There’s noticeable damage to my home with no way to afford repairs.”

The WARM assessment team discovered other urgent repairs and safety upgrades, including replacing the old stove and refrigerator, and completing a drainage pipe project the homeowner was unable to complete. An enthusiastic youth group from Fairfield Christian Church in Indiana traveled to North Carolina to offer their services. WARM quickly put them to work on Jerry’s home.

“We had a great experience working with WARM and Dwayne,” said the group’s leader. “We enjoyed being here to help Jerry out, replacing some floors in his house and other things he needed.” “I liked doing the flooring,” said one young volunteer. Another one added, “I learned how to do new things."

It was a great experience for Jerry as well. He said, “I’m happy they came by. They’ve done a magnificent job! One of the best group of workers I’ve ever seen in my life! I couldn’t ask for anything better than them and I appreciate it a whole, whole lot, all of y’all’s help. When you’re down this way, stop by and visit. I praise the Lord that people like y’all exist, you know. You’re great people, and I thank you a whole lot.”

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