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Many WARM Homeowners Struggle with Access

Accessing their home safely, access to the necessary services they need, access to a pathway out of poverty.

Urgent, safety-related repairs and upgrades can make a person’s home and quality of life more accessible. Imagine if, like Eleanor, your home was destroyed during a hurricane, and you are confined to one room because a leaking roof has led to sagging floors which make the home unsafe to navigate.

Or Ernest, who worked for many years as the Assistant Supervisor at a poultry plant. He and his wife have owned their home for 48 years. They are now retired and living on a fixed income which hardly covers the 3 hospital bills he has due, let alone the grocery and utility bills. They have very little left over at the end of the month and nothing for the home repairs they desperately need. Ernest had spine surgery and with the condition of their floors, keeps experiencing fall after fall.

And there’s Zelda, who utilizes a mobilized wheelchair after breaking her neck in 2 places. A home health aide works with her 5 days a week but there are sections of her bedroom, living room, and laundry room that she fears she could fall through when left alone.

This Giving Tuesday, you can give people like Eleanor, Ernest, and Zelda the gift of access: Access to a safe home, access to generational wealth, access to peace of mind.

Your dollars will go towards repairs that will keep homeowners safe in their homes and allow them to pass those homes on to future generations.

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