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Have you been procrastinating?

Despite the importance of having a will, many Americans never get around to drafting one. Only 34% of Americans have an estate plan and of those, 20% have not updated it in the last five years. Have you been procrastinating too?

August is National Make a Will Month and the perfect time for a reminder of the importance of drafting or updating your will to ensure your final wishes are executed as you intended. While an individual’s wealth and assets may determine how lengthy or in-depth a will might be, it certainly does not dictate the need.

A common issue WARM NC homeowners face is “heir’s property” where the original owner of the home has died and because there is no will, the family informally assumes ownership, sometimes by many people over more than one generation. This puts them in a difficult situation when they need to apply for assistance with WARM or want to sell the home. We attempt to connect these homeowners with someone who can help with legal assistance and other resources as part of our services.

Every family, regardless of their wealth should have a will because without one, things could get complicated, quickly.

Wills may include information such as:

· The people you love, including children and grandchildren, will be looked after.

· How your assets (possessions) will be distributed.

· Who the preferred guardian will be for your minor children.

· Providing for those organizations that are important to you. (perhaps, WARM NC?)

This is also a great time to make sure you plan your beneficiary designations. This would apply to IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, and your insurance policies to name a few. Naming WARM NC or another charity as your beneficiary is a great way to build a legacy and support your favorite charity for generations to come.

Forever WARM

When you include WARM NC in your estate plans you become part of a community of forward-looking philanthropists. Forever WARM honors those individuals who have joined our mission by including WARM in their estate plans ensuring a greater impact on their community. If you have already included a provision for WARM NC in your will, thank you! We encourage you to share that information with us so we can celebrate you and the legacy you are creating.

Tell Me More

To learn more about wills, estate plans, Charitable Gift IRAs, and support of WARM NC in general, please contact Cathy McClain, Director of Individual Giving, at 910.399.7563, x122 or

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