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Turning Overwhelming Anxiety into Overwhelming Joy

Entering her home caused overwhelming anxiety...

Ms. Deborah
Ms. Deborah sits down to tell her WARM story.

After discovering cracks in her ceiling and gaps between the ceiling and the walls, Ms. Deborah was worried it might come crashing down on her.

She had slipped and fallen because her floors were damaged and uneven. Her home was drafty because the front door had not been installed correctly. A shaky railing on the front steps often gave her splinters as she navigated in and out of her home.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis left her with no choice but to retire from her nursing career and rely on a small, monthly disability check for income. Ms. Deborah was overwhelmed thinking about the state of her home and had no idea how she would be able to get any repairs done. A neighbor told her about WARM and after construction staff

Damaged floors.
The floors were badly damaged.

assessed her home, volunteers went to work to make it safer. Volunteers built new railings for her front porch and made sure her front door was installed properly with no gaps for drafts. Her subflooring was repaired and new laminate flooring was placed down in her kitchen. And finally, contractors replaced her roof which was damaged, leaking, and worn out.

New Railing Picture
Ms. Deborah's new railings

These repairs were made possible by you! Ms. Deborah said before WARM made the repairs she felt overwhelming anxiety about the state of her home. After the repairs, she feels overwhelming gratitude and joy.

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