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Bring your friend, your teen, your sweetie, or your neighbor and volunteer with WARM NC!



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Suzanne Jalot

(910) 399-7563 x115

Bring your friend, your teen, your sweetie,

or your neighbor and volunteer with WARM NC!

WILMINGTON, NC – Volunteers are essential to the success of WARM. During National Volunteer Month in April WARM is making extra efforts to recognize the contributions of volunteers. In 2022, volunteers contributed more than 17,000 hours of labor allowing WARM to serve 176 families.

“Without volunteers, we would not be able to make the significant impact on our community that we do,” said Sadie Frye, WARM NC’s Volunteer Coordinator. “Volunteers not only play a large role in completing necessary home repairs, but they are a consistent reminder to our homeowners that their community cares about them. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and they are living proof that you can make a real difference in the lives of others through compassion, generosity, and service.”

Under the supervision of WARM’s construction team, volunteers perform urgent, safety-related home repairs such as building stairs and landings, removing and installing flooring, and installing grab bars and smoke alarms. No construction experience is necessary!

Volunteer opportunities are available with WARM Monday through Saturday and no construction experience is necessary. For National Volunteer Month, WARM is encouraging more community members to volunteer by holding special weeks where you are encouraged to bring a friend, your teen, your sweetie, or your neighbor.

· April 3-6 Bring a friend!

· April 10-13 Bring your teen!

· April 17-20 Bring your sweetie!

· April 24-27 Bring your neighbor!

Individuals and groups are encouraged to sign up at any time at or by calling (910) 399-7563.


WARM NC’s mission is to repair, rebuild, and make homes accessible; and to inspire service, generosity, and hope. Urgent repairs address threats to safety, health, and accessibility. By rebuilding homes in disrepair or damaged by severe weather, WARM is preserving affordable housing for the community and supporting our homeowners’ goals to remain self-sufficient and live with dignity and independence. Repairs are provided at no cost to homeowners who qualify.


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