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10 Tips for a Safer Home

1) Install at least one smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside of each sleeping room area and on each level of a multi-level building. Keep batteries fresh by replacing them annually.

2) Consider installing a CO alarm in the hallway outside of each sleeping room area.

3) Never overload electrical cords or power strips.

4) Don't use appliances that have damaged cords.

5) Extension cords should not be used as a substitute for permanently wired receptacle outlets.

6) Develop and practice a fire escape plan and make sure all family members know how to unlock and open windows and doors.

7) Check with your local building safety department before beginning home improvement projects. Electrical, mechanical, structural, and plumbing work usually requires a permit to ensure the work is inspected and done correctly.

8) Have vents and chimneys inspected by a qualified expert at least once a year.

9) Store combustibles and flammables far away from gas appliances.

10) If you have a pool, reaching and throwing aids like poles should be kept on both sides of the pool.

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