Frequently Asked Questions

What is WARM's Mission?

Mission Statement: Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, Inc. (WARM) unites people of compassion to rebuild homes and restore hope for our  low-income neighbors, many of whom are elderly or disabled, and enables them to live safely and independently in their own homes and communities.

What is WARM's service area?

WARM serves homeowners who live in Brunswick, Duplin, New Hanover, Onslow, and Pender Counties in Southeastern North Carolina.

However, we invite volunteers from anywhere. You can even stay at the beach. To find out more about our VolunTourist program, click here.  

What is substandard housing?

According to Housing and Urban Development, housing is substandard if it:

  • does not provide safe and adequate shelter.

  • endangers the health, safety or well being of a family in its present condition.

  • has one or more critical defects OR has a combination of intermediate defects in sufficient number to require considerable repair or rebuilding.

  • does not have operable indoor plumbing.

  • does not have a usable flush toilet, bathtub or shower inside the unit for the exclusive use of a family.

  • does not have electricity or has inadequate or unsafe electrical service.

  • does not have safe or adequate source of heat.

  • should, but does not, have a kitchen.

  • has been declared unfit for the habitation by an agency or unit of government.

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What is the potential impact of substandard housing?

Substandard housing compromises the health, safety and well being of the residing family. As these citizens function in the community, their condition creates a ripple effect on the schools they attend, area businesses where they work and shop, the property values of their neighbors, and the well-being of the entire community.


When residents are forced to move out because their homes are uninhabitable, they usually move into a group home facility, increasing the burden on the taxpayer and the community’s infrastructure.

Specifically, substandard housing can impact the resident in the following ways:

  • Illness and disease

  • Fires and burns

  • Falls and other injuries

  • Neurobehavioral conditions in children

  • Rodent bites

  • Indoor intoxicants

  • Employment: absenteeism due to health problems, job loss

  • Education: absenteeism due to health problems, lower performance

  • Higher criminal activity due to desperation

  • Increased healthcare costs

  • Poor nutrition and hygiene

  • Depression, poor mental health

What services are provided?

WARM focuses on safety-related repairs and accessibility upgrades. WARM does not complete remodeling or beautification projects. Typical repairs include:

  • Roof repair                

  • Ceiling and sheetrock repair      

  • Floors/subflooring repair

  • Carpentry

  • Plumbing repairs for kitchen and bathroom

  • Electrical repairs           

  • Window/door repair and replacement

  • Wheelchair ramp construction and repair

  • Installation of water heaters and other appliances

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Who is eligible for WARM, Inc's services?

WARM, Inc. has 4 basic requirements:

Applicant must own and occupy the home in need of repairs
Home must be located in Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender, or Onslow County
Total household income must fall at or below 50% of their county's median income.
Repairs requested must address threats to safety or health
Who is served?

WARM serves homeowners in need. In most cases, the applicants have always lived on meager wages but have managed their money well enough to purchase a home. We believe that helping them stay in the home is best for them and for the community at large.

These individuals are our neighbors. Their ability to pay for home repairs continues to diminish as the cost of health care, medication, transportation, utilities, homeowners insurance, property taxes and food continue to rise rapidly. WARM, Inc. is often the only source of assistance for these vulnerable people.

How are WARM, Inc. services provided?
Is it a government agency or is it a part of a church?

WARM, Inc. was created by a group of concerned United Methodists to help combat devastation caused by Hurricanes Bertha and Fran in 1996. Today WARM is an independent 501(c)3 organization supported by many churches, businesses, grants, municipalities, and individuals.
Building materials and other project costs are paid for by grants and generous donations from local individuals, businesses, churches, and civic organizations.

To complete the repair work, WARM relies on groups of dedicated and passionate volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds. WARM volunteers work in many different ways including but not limited to: construction assistance, volunteer coordination, clerical assistance, meal preparation for work teams, and event planning. If you have an interest in volunteering with WARM, please contact us at, call 910.399.7563 or click here to read more.

How can you help support WARM's mission?

Wouldn’t you want your mother or grandmother, or any family member to have a safe, secure and healthy home where they can be comfortable and independent? 
You can help WARM in a variety of ways:

  • Refer a homeowner in need. The first step is for them to call our office at 910.399.7563

  • Volunteer on a project, in the office, or in the community

  • Make a donation to help those in need

  • To read more about our volunteer programs, click here

How does 'M' in WARM stand for "ministry?"

The M in WARM stands for Ministry. Depending on your outlook, ministry can mean different things, from evangelizing a sanctuary full of people to giving your neighbor a ride to the doctor.


For us at WARM, the word ministry means service to others. We do more than repair homes; we do it with kindness, respect, and concern for the well-being of our homeowners, volunteers, and employees. Our mission is to make homes safer; it is not to convert anyone to a religion. As a ministry, we go beyond accepting applications. We help homeowners understand the process and connect them with community resources for food, transportation, healthcare, and other services. We even help them complete their application package if needed. When we leave a rebuild, the homeowner will know they are loved and valued.


We do not discriminate; persons from any religion – or no religion – can apply for assistance, volunteer, or apply for employment at WARM.


WARM provides a setting for serving and connecting with others that has the power to enhance one’s spiritual life as they define it. We were founded on the Christian values of compassion, unity, and service. We believe these values are shared among many people, regardless of their belief system. We invite all people to put these values into action through WARMIf a group would like to invite the homeowner to a devotion or explain they are volunteering as an expression of faith, that's great!

An organization doesn’t have faith. The people involved bring the faith.